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   car door handle Date:2016-10-9

With the development of society, automobile is becoming more and more popular as a kind of stepping tool.

The composition of a car is also complex, and the door handle is part of the car. So what are the types of

car door handles? What are their characteristics? When we want to replace a car door handle, or when the car

door handle temporarily malfunctions, how to remove the door handle? Let's take a look at this.

Car door handle introduction

The overall shape of the car develops rapidly and the various functions become more and more human. The door

handle of the car is no exception, from the design of the foot, the applicability and economy want to combine.

The car door handle as the car safety, decoration box function collection. Therefore, the car door handle is of course

has important function, its performance also decides the class of a car.

Car door handle classification

It is not hard to see from our eyes that the structure and shape of the door handle are constantly being updated.

We can also find the change of door handle from process and selection. Nowadays, car door handles are mainly

divided into horizontal and upper hatchways. These two categories are the main types of car door handles.

These are two broad categories of structure.

Car door handle - solid handle

The main characteristic of solid car door handle is the thick handle, which is an early product. There are some

shortcomings in the selection of materials and processes. More or less will result in the waste of some materials,

not conducive to economic development. So solid car door handle in modern society adoption not a lot.

Car door handle - hollow handle

The door handle of the hollow car solves the problem of the surface shrinkage of the solid handle, but the door

handle is also a type of solid handle. As the name implies, this kind of car door handle is designed to put the

handle on the back of the handle, not only solve the traditional handle surface contraction, but also improve

the hand deformation bending problem. There is a slight flaw in comfort.

Car door handle - hollow handle

The hollow handle is made of two parts and the middle is hollow. The hollow car door handles the mold complex,

the craft aspect increases the difficulty. But the products made are more practical. The hollow car door handle

can also overcome the deformation shrinkage problem, and enhanced the strength security of the handle.

Because of the hollow structure, the consumption of raw materials is greatly reduced.

How about the door handle

The first step to remove the door handle is to remove the door protector, then remove the protective film and

start from the upper left corner. Put your hand inside the inside of the house, remove the door lock, and twist

the door handle screw. This will make it easy to remove the handle from the outside. This is only the general

car door handle to remove the method, for reference only.

What are the types of car door handles and how to remove the door handle


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