The mountain top is artificial peak, the enterprise win-win person makes the book. Employees and customers are the basis of the enterprise, together - can win. The company to educate people, thought
The construction of Germany and the construction of an intergenerational spiritual civilization; The company focuses on talents, and focuses on management talents, technical talents and skilled operation personnel. human
Advantage, build strong employee entity team.
Without advanced management, enterprises lack the impetus to move forward. The company manages to win, the eternal theme that is consistent, is to maintain "close" wen
The backbone, management and cultural integration, organic conclusion.
It's better to be a good talker than a voice. The company's team is people-oriented principle, with advanced culture to enrich the armed, enterprise center
Work, be practical, work. Today, the company and the middle level cadre team have a vigorous, hardworking, efficient, diligent in the people
The fighting collective, leading the workers at the frontier of The Times. In the early stage, the company has made drastic changes to the internal organs in a lean and efficient manner
With the requirements of the modern enterprise system, to set up the job, to be held accountable, to be responsible for the person, to set sail for all staff.
Innovation is the only thing that drives the company's work.
Effectiveness - organizational mobilization force, strong work force, strong binding force, strong coordination force, and more innovative ability; Benefits - not only economic benefits, but also
Social benefit, has played the service brand of the power supply man; Effect - what you see is a lot of what you see, what you see, what you see, what you see, what you see, what you see, what you see, what you see, what you see, what you see, what you see, what you see, what you see
Optimization effect and demonstration effect.
Virtue is the foundation of business. The enterprise of the foundation is sure to have the core idea that can support the sustainable development of the enterprise, and the concept is destined to the mental world of employees.
This is the crystallization of the collective wisdom of the power supply of weifang.
A thick German carries things. Corporate morality has the characteristics of corporate culture and belongs to the high level consciousness of corporate culture. "If the water is the source of the water, the wave of water"
The company's corporate morality evaporates unrivaled and powerful radiation: because of "DE", "talent" keeps on going. Take "virtue" as basis and shi
Line management, improve the overall quality of the staff, adhering to the philosophy of the root of all things, the best of the moral quality of employees, striving for both virtues and talents
. The "DE" calls the customer's voice signal, puts the customer's interests in place, the customer satisfaction standard, and the customers build the integrity of the bright rainbow bridge, the enterprise and
The customer's "integration" is win-win.
The meaning of "fit" makes a strong body. The "integration" culture is internalized in the people's heart, externalized in the company, running through the management of the production and operation, reflected in the weidian didi
Little by little. Together, the condensation concept to sublimate, the strong shooting brilliant life bright, the enterprise upgrade!
Enterprise, cultural soul. Culture - high house, realistic and pragmatic; Culture - the belief in entrepreneurship and the yardstick for doing things; The culture of
- philosophy of enterprise management, dive deep and gather employees.
Along the way, the "close" culture, the power supply people reorganized and reorganized, "close" the force to meet the new trend of the trend...

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